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MuseumDepotShop: Heritage at Home

The MuseumDepotShop breathes new life into museum objects by bringing them into private homes. Many of the museums we have worked with have said that 10 to 15% of their collections can be deaccessioned. After a careful procedure, which follows strict regulations, museums can repurpose these objects by, for example, selling them to private individuals. Customers can bring a piece of the museum into their homes. This is also interesting for museums from a marketing perspective, because proud patrons will gladly talk about these objects and their backstories.

In the Netherlands, an increasing number of museums are working together with our foundation. After thorough research in Great Britain, the MuseumDepotShop will also enter the British market. In November 2019 and January 2020, we visited London and spoke with roughly 20 museums and related institutions. We concluded from these conversations that there is a need for an online platform in Great Britain such as the one already in operation in the Netherlands. Do you also want to meet with us?


Deaccessioning is increasingly on the minds of collection managers worldwide. Do you want to know how we can help?

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MuseumDepotShop Foundation is eager to speak to museums. Are you interested to join or do you have questions?

About us

The MuseumDepotShop was launched on 9 April 2019 in the Dutch Museum Singer Laren. This led to a lot of attention in the media and created more demand than there is supply of museum objects.

The MuseumDepotShop web store, where individuals can buy museum objects, falls under the umbrella of the Art & Facts organisation. The concept for this web store was developed by Art & Facts, in collaboration with a variety of Dutch museums.

A&F, which was also set up by Jeroen Harinck and Arjen Pels Rijcken, is a logistics service provider for the museum sector. The following services are provided:

  • Flexible (in both time and storage space) rental of climatised depots for the storage of cultural heritage objects.
  • Secondment of museum specialists. A&F functions is a flexible intermediary for museums.
  • Advice about the deaccessioning process. This has led to the foundation of the MuseumDepotShop.


The people behind the MuseumDepotShop Foundation are Arjen Pels Rijcken and Jeroen Harinck, both experienced entrepreneurs with a love for art, culture, and education, and Alexandra van Strien, project manager and an experienced growth marketeer.

The whole team of the MuseumDepotShop

Available in the UK soon

The launch of the MuseumDepotShop on April 9th, 2019 was successful and we are considering to establish an operation in the UK. In the last couple of months we have met with around 20 museums in London. We also spoke with the Museums Association. As a result of these meetings and discussions we decided to prepare for a new set-up in the UK.

Currently it has Letters of Intent with two museums, who are willing to repurpose objects through the MuseumDepotShop Foundation. Many other museums have shown interest in our activities and consider working with us. Please check the statement of the Ethics Committee on methods of sale of deaccessioned collection items.

Striving to be operational in the first quarter of 2022, whilst complying with all COVID-19 measures, the MuseumDepotShop Foundation is eager to speak to more museums.

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