How did MuseumDepotShop grow?

How did we grow interest from museums in the Netherlands about our concept? How did MuseumDepotShop grow? In a series of vlogs we talk you through the process and thoughts behind the concept. As a successful foundation in the Netherlands we are growing and are going to establish ourselves in the United Kingdom in the near future too. In this vlog we will tell you all about our growth. How did MuseumDepotShop grow?

Once we started the initiative, we had about 10 museums who where there from the beginning. We had to convince others that we are reliable. That took a lot of explaining, it took quit a few dinners to explain to a group of directors from museums what we were doing. This actually helped the sector very much. We are currently 1,5 year in this initiative and we notice that more and more museums are finding us and offering objects to us. This is how MuseumDepotShop has grown the past years and hope to grow even more in te future. 

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Bring the museum into your home!

Bring the museum into your home!

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