How did MuseumDepotShop start?

When did MuseumDepotShop start? 

How did MuseumDepotShop start? How and why did the MuseumDepotShop get established in the Netherlands? What happens with the deaccessioned items? What does the foundation do? In a series of vlogs we talk you through the process and thoughts behind the concept. As a successful foundation in the Netherlands we are growing and are going to establish ourselves in the United Kingdom in the near future too.

Three years ago we were only active as a storage company. While doing what we do, museums approached us and asked us if we could help them give some of their objects another destination. We thought about it and decided to start a webshop where we sell these objects to the public. The museums get a part of the sales price and we get the other part. We give the remaining money to other museums to help them, because it often is a complicated and expensive proces. This was the start of MuseumDepotShop.

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Bring the museum into your home!

Bring the museum into your home!

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